The Experience

Your personalized treatments are controlled by an iPhone/iPad app connected to the Biocurrent device, an EEG, and our web server running our machine learning engine.

These are actual screenshots of the
Biocurrent Multi-Lingual App
running on an iPad.

After logging in, the Biocurrent App wirelessly connects to the Biocurrent Device and an EEG. 

Select what part of your body you would like to treat.

Hold down the start button to begin.

Maribel Mendoza Colmenares

Alternatively, you can use a previous treatment.

Treatment providers may review their patients' treatments.

Design and test a custom current flow.

Before you can start you must sign off on a medical disclaimer.  This disclaimer will change when we start clinical trials and go-to-market.

Select what type of treatment you would like to use. 

Let Biocurrent know how you are feeling.

Throughout your treatment you will see a control panel with information about your current flow and some dials to adjust it.

Your treatment is prepaid through the app.

Review the dynamically generated current flow used for a treatment.

Design and test a custom waveform


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