Biocurrent, Inc. is an early-stage bioelectronic medicine company with a clear path to Sustainable Revenue. The Company's research into non-invasive neuromodulation led to the development of an advanced prototype device, database, and machine learning engine.

Their invention delivers dynamically generated, modulated Electrical current varying in frequency, intensity, timing, and waveform. Real-time brain wave spikes and discharges optimize the Current flow received wirelessly from an electroencephalogram (EEG).

Based on preclinical studies, the Company's technology may effectively treat various age-related disorders and disabilities, including pain, neurological issues, and cancer. Their business model provides recurring revenue to both the company and treatment providers. Biocurrent is now seeking funding for clinical trials, industrialization, and commercialization.

The Mission

"People worldwide need effective, affordable medical care.  400 million of those people have no access to medical care.  Our mission is to deliver innovation to fill this need while maintaining a sustainable and profitable business model.

At the core of Biocurrent's success is our discipline of exhaustive testing.  That's how we innovate.  Thanks to the nature of software, our iterations are exponentially faster than that of physical medicine.  Without testing, innovation is impossible."

Andrew Blount

Founder and CEO

Biocurrent, Inc.

The Market    

Bioelectronic medicine is a diverse, $20 billion market predicted to grow to $30 billion by 2030.   It is part of the $350 billion global digital healthcare industry.  The market includes familiar devices like pacemakers and emerging technologies, including nerve stimulators and implantable neurostimulators.

This rapidly growing field develops targeted electrical signals to harness the body’s natural mechanisms to diagnose and treat various diseases, disorders, and disabilities.  This electrical current, which uses the body’s mechanisms for healing, is an adjunct or alternative to drugs and medical procedures.

Researchers, developers, and innovators are exploring the field’s applications across various disease areas and disciplines, including neurology, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, pain management, cancer, and others.

The Problem

The Human Body's Electrical Energy Needs Adjustment

Electrical Current and its "flow" is Akin to the Active Ingredients of Traditional Medicine.

"One of [Bioelectronic Medicine's] challenges is understanding how to get the dosing correct. While many studies have shown that electricity can help treat conditions, there still isn’t a consistent understanding of how to determine the optimal frequency and timing of the stimulations."

David Paydarfar, MD

University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School

"Electricity as Medicine"
AAMC (Association of Medical Colleges)
Publication June 14, 2022

While recent bioelectronic medicine innovations include a reduction in size, an increase in battery life, and new modalities of Laser, Magnetic, and Ultrasound, the electrical current is similar to that of the 1970s.

The Solution

Automated Human Electrical Energy Adjustment

Biocurrent's Bioelectronic Medicine Generates Your Personalized Current Flow Using Your Real-Time Brainwaves

This Diagram, Provided for information purposes Only, is a Simplified, Hypothetical Example of Treating pain.

Correlating Your Real-Time Brainwaves to Other Patients Through an Internet-Connected Device Both Improves Treatment Results by optimizing current flow To Fit Your Biometrics and facilities a Sustainable Software as a Service (SaaS) Revenue Model.

Improved Results Increase Treatment Provider Penetration and Patient Adoption.

Before treatment, Biocurrent asks about your symptoms while initiating a wireless data stream from an EEG.

During treatment, your brainwaves, and those of other patients, are used to optimize and modulate the frequency, intensity, timing, and waveform of the current flow you receive.

The Optimal Electrical Current Flow

This Diagram, Provided for information purposes Only, is a Simplified, Hypothetical Example of Treating pain.

The Optimal Electrical Current Flow

Treatment Providers Include Select Hospitals, Health Related Clinics and Facilities, Private Practice Doctors, and Specialists in Various Fields and With Physical Location(s).

Transaction Revenue With a Recurring Monthly Minimum Fee per Device.

Prepaid by the Patient with Credit Card Eliminating Billing Hassles for the Treatment Provider.

The "Doctor Provider" model is widely accepted and used by companies such as Align Technology.  Transaction Pricing for Treatments is a Revenue Stream for Both Us and the Treatment Provider. 

The Projections

Biocurrent Proforma

The Comparables

The Research

Method and Apparatus for Modulating Gamma Brainwaves Using Electrical Stimulation

Biocurrent's Dynamic Current Flow can Elevate Gamma or Beta Brainwaves by ~500% for Sustained periods.

Gamma, the highest Frequency of Brainwave at 32-100+ Hz and the only frequency found in every part of the brain, typically Represents only 2-3% of total Brainwave activity.

Method and Apparatus for Modulation and Linear Amplification of Action Potential Waveforms.

We developed a unique way of generating real-time action potential waveforms, which are crucial for effective electrical stimulation.

 Observations Regarding Cervical Cancer

On January 26, 2022, Maribel Mendoza Colmenares, who resides in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cervical Cancer. Due to the cancer's advanced stage, she initially did not qualify for treatment from Mexico's public health care system. 

She used Biocurrent after our legal team reviewed her case. A translated journal of Maribel's experience, and copies of her frequent tests from public and private hospitals, are available upon request.

The Regulators

Each target market has its version of the FDA's 510(K) for Class II (Class B) Medical Devices.  
We will utilize registered regulatory representatives to assist with registration and approval.

The Team

Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful,
business-friendly city.

To assist with frequency modulation, we brought in two of the world's top DJs,  Jeziel and Jarmel Quintella.

We have a dedicated team.

Who work together.

We have two highly skilled attorneys.

Including renovating our new space.

I'm our chief tester with 1,935 sessions.

Research and Development is located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It is an ideal location for building and testing a medical device.

With world-class healthcare.

Our videos are directed by Linda Fuller, the former Executive Producer and Director of ABC's Entertainment Tonight and 20/20.

Made up of experts.

And constantly advance us.

Who are willing to help with anything.

So I can have my front room back.

If you compare these three photos.

It's easy to understand why.


Your personalized treatments are controlled by an iPhone/iPad app connected to the Biocurrent device, an EEG, and our web server running our machine learning engine.

These are actual screenshots of the
Biocurrent Multi-Lingual App
running on an iPad.

After logging in, the Biocurrent App wirelessly connects to the Biocurrent Device and an EEG. 

Select what part of your body you would like to treat.

Hold down the start button to begin.

Maribel Mendoza Colmenares

Alternatively, you can use a previous treatment.

Treatment providers may review their patients' treatments.

Design and test a custom current flow.

Before you can start, you must sign off on a medical disclaimer.  This disclaimer will change when we start clinical trials and go to market.

Select what type of treatment you would like to use. 

Let Biocurrent know how you are feeling.

Throughout your treatment, you will see a control panel with information about your current flow and some dials to adjust it.

Your treatment is prepaid through the app.

Review the dynamically generated current flow used for a treatment.

Design and test a custom waveform

The Go-To-Market Playbook

The Founder

Born in 1973, Andrew Blount grew up in a single-wide trailer. At age 6, Andrew taught himself how to write computer software. By age 8, he started High Altitude Software.  In 1984 he brought Artificial Intelligence to the personal computer, later open-source the code.  In 1987 he invented and built his first bioelectronic medicine device.

In 1996, Andrew started specializing in SaaS commercial real estate software for companies including CBRE and Fannie Mae. Andrew's software has been used to close/finance $100b+ of real estate transactions.

In 2000, Andrew was the data scientist/engineer (20% owner) who developed multifamily's first Revenue Management platform, YieldStar. In 2002, Andrew developed Portfolio business intelligence selling it to RealPage, Inc.

From 2012-2016 Andrew was the Mayor/City Councilman for Laguna Hills, California, and ran for Governor of California while kicking off ABC's top-rated show, "Great Christmas Light Fight!"

From 2015-2020, Andrew served as Chief Marketing Officer, then Executive Vice President of Consumer Services, and a Section 16 Officer for RealPage, Inc. (formerly NASDAQ: RP), participating in growth from $1.4b to $8b+ in market capitalization leading 4000+ employees across three continents including Global Engineering, Software Development, Consumer Services, Travel, and Marketing. In 2021, RealPage, Inc. sold to PE for $10b.

The Details

$4m Initial seed funding for Research & Development invested by Founder and CEO Andrew Blount.

We developed our revenue model and built our prototype device with those funds.

Next are clinical trials, further customer validation, pre-launch marketing, and industrialization, then we go-to-market.


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