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Brain Wave Modulation

Biocurrent, Inc. is an early-stage bioelectronic medicine company. Our research into non-invasive brain wave modulation led to the development of a non-invasive device, software application, and artificial intelligence engine capable of instantly modulating human brain waves.

Discover the power of brain wave modulation for with Biocurrent. Our innovative technology modulates the natural electrical signals of the brain. Experience a new level of comfort and well-being with our advanced artificial intelligence-driven technology.

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Selectively Increase Brain Waves

For Sustained Periods

Using Non-Invasive Technology

Artificial Intelligence-Driven Brain Wave Modulation Through Electrical Stimulation

Electrical Current and its "flow" is Akin to the Active Ingredients of Traditional Medicine.

"One of [Bioelectronic Medicine's] challenges is understanding how to get the dosing correct. While many studies have shown that electricity can help treat conditions, there still isn’t a consistent understanding of how to determine the optimal frequency and timing of the stimulations."

David Paydarfar, MD

University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School

"Electricity as Medicine"
AAMC (Association of Medical Colleges)
Publication June 14, 2022

Biocurrent Solves This Problem.

Biocurrent's artificial intelligence correlates your real-time brain waves to others through an Internet-connected device, dynamically optimizing its electrical current flow to fit your biometrics.  This advanced methodology improves treatment results.

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